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BossUp Consulting is a Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency. We assist business owners by building professional elite websites, showcasing their brand on various digital platforms to grow in customer and revenue volume. With the intense competition for a place in the digital real estate world, having your business site not only be appealing but also be found easily is vital for the numerous online consumers. 

Eyes are on their mobile devices more than ever in this day in age. Just as much as a home needing the desired location for a successful sale, how much more so does your site need the prime place on the internet search. 

So at BossUp we do more than build pretty websites. We design and build websites to reach your clientele, to grow your business and to dominate your niche in the digital world. How your potential customers find your business is based on not just on a great business name, but on how your site is programed. We stay attuned to the modern day customer. We stay ahead of the game of customer search for your business so that their site stays in the forefront of search engines.

BossUp Consulting Digital SEO

Website Design That Gets You Found

Pretty, sleek and modern websites are all the rage these days. There are advertisements for website design or the build your own website methods. But unless your site has been carefully prepared your will business not be found online organically. Don’t get us wrong, they are great to look at. A great looking website is your first impression. But if your website never shows up on a online search, then how can your appeal to new clientele? You really can’t. 

We are not only a digital marketing company that designs amazing sites that appeal to potential clients. We also build websites with the ability to found by your clients as well. SEO is essential to your website’s online visibility. And the company you choose to provide you SEO should have the latest tools that will help your site rank in this modern mainstream day in age. 

You always want to be looking into the future for the best ROI for your business. Your website should be giving you a great return on your investment. So we build sites to increase your revenue for online search results, while keeping to your brand and style. 

At Bossup, we put a lot of thought and creativity into our clients’ websites. Starting with the design, layout, color scheme and theme. We also make sure that your website is compatible to your clients’ most used digital search tools. From there we have multiple options to prepare your website(during the design and build) to tackle your digital market, being competitive within your chosen niches. 

Don’t settle for just a website. Have a website that will work for your business by being found, providing phone calls and allowing you the opportunity to close business again and again. 

We have website design packages that you can choose from that fit within what you are looking for.



New business only happens if people find your business.  Being found is the most important factor to gaining new business. Digital Real Estate is a necessity in today's online society. Staying ahead of your competition is essential to receive phone calls or online inquiries.

Web Design
SEO Digital Marketing


After you are found you must be "heard." We make sure your message online is clear and on point. Connecting with potential customers is vital, so with making your site client friendly, meeting the client's needs in a timely fashion will be in your favor.


Closing new business only happens after steps 1 and 2.  New business multiplies when these new clients refer you.
New clients mean increased revenue in turn a profitable business. Visibility is key to beat out your competition. Don't let your site just be pretty; make sure your site works for you and your business.

Website Design SEO

Online Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Web Design SEO

We increase traffic, phone calls and customers so you can grow your business. As a proven advertising and marketing company our skills have put many websites in front of their competition online. This results in increased business.

The companies we work with are able to take this new glow of traffic and customers and increase their bottom line. When you work to grow your business you expect a return on your efforts. We have proven methods to increase your bottom line with our profitable online marketing. 

Most know that an online presence or website needs to be on the first page of the search results to get real results. We don’t just want on the first page, we want it all. We do this by dominating organic rankings, map packs, and paid ads.

We are happy to redesign and makeover your site if needed to meet newer needs. We can provide on page optimization so search engines can understand what you page or site is about. Correct on page optimization helps your site to rank in Google and other search engines. Ranking your website will bring you new business.

We craft custom campaigns and landing pages. These are great for taking advantage of seasonal trends and rapidly changing situations.

Facebook and social media has changed the world. Instagram is now a powerhouse of opportunity. Running advertising campaigns and advertising funnels on these is a great way to gain new business for many types of businesses. We have tested and proven strategies that have produced great results.

We keep things simple and are not fans of complicated contracts. We do month to month contracts and can do financing to spread some costs over time.

When You Own A Business You Want Traffic

We specialize in building sites that generate leads for your local business. We dominate “local” markets by building sites that customers find when searching for the services your business offers.

  • Why do our lead generation sites work so well?
  • Skillful crafting of the content in the site.
  • Creating right back -link structure promoting the site.
  • Creating good social presence in social media.
  • Crafting the site so potential customers call.
  • The leads flow exclusively to your business alone.
  • We only work with one business in a territory or location.

We build beautiful and informative sites that are designed to best represent your companies image and branding. 

All sites we build are mobile friendly (responsive). This means the site looks good on a phone, tablet or PC. In early 2015 Google started to penalize websites that not mobile-friendly. A penalized website penalizes your business. 

We can convert your non-mobile friendly website to being mobile friendly so you are not penalized by Google and are more easily seen by your audience. 

Connect to your customer within seconds when they fill out your online form. What do you think usually happens when a customer takes the time to fill out an online form? 

Usually, they keep shopping and looking on other sites. 

More often than not they close a deal or spend their money with someone else by the time you replay to the form. 

We have a way to connect you to your customer right as they fill out and submit your online form- Close Deals In Real Time

Click Here for more information. 

We have track record of moving sites up in search rankings. We know how to get yours there also. 

We have many to show you. They are in different geographic areas. They are in different businesses. They are on top of the search results and you can see for yourself that we make sites rank. 

Sometimes know as local search, small businesses need to show up in the Google Map Pack. This is know as local map pack ranking. If you have service based business showing up high in the maps search results will bring more business to your company. 

Boss Up Consulting SEO

Social Media Marketing That Works

Social Media Marketing

Online Visibility needs to cover all digital real estate. This includes your social media platform as well. With the ever changing compatibility with Google search and social media, having the most search friendly social pages makes your business more appealing to consumers.

But have you set up your social media properly? 

Not only appeal to the eye but you as a business owner need to target the right audience for your business at any given time and season. So BossUp specializes in specific SMM ( Social Media Marketing) that is strategically set up to effectively create potential client connection, interaction for closed transactions. 

From Social Media esthetics to Social Media Ads, your business now can be marketed to the demographic you are desiring. Your social media will be more than just a pretty photo. You will have online conversion.

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels in creating the most attractive social media marketing and start retaining customers? 


Boss Up Consulting

1. Growth in Revenue

Revenue only grows tomorrow when something is planted today.  Our proven SEO and online marketing services grow new customers and inquiries for your services and products.

2. New Opportunities

Enjoy more freedom in running your business. More income to enjoy your life. More choices and opportunities. More security.

BossUp Consulting
Boss Up Consulting

3. Better Life

Having more income and choices open doors to more opportunities. What do you want out of life? We help businesses and owners achieve their goals. We create leading businesses.




Our affordable digital marketing and SEO services are a marketing investment with a return. We are the bill that pays your bills. Leverage your hard earned income so it will produce more income. Typically, using a couple sales a month worth of revenue invested in our powerful SEO optimization and custom online marketing methods provides returns on your investment over and over.  

We Partner With You

No complicated contracts! We are month to month. This means we have skin in the game. We are selective in who we work with to ensure we all benefit from our expertise. Business needs can be fluid and dynamic and we are responsive to the changing business environments.

Creativity With Results

Because we are online marketing and SEO strategists who live and breath ranking websites and generating new business and clients for our clients month after month we keep in front of the curve.  Keeping up with the latest marketing tools and methods allows us to assist our clients in staying ahead of their business competition. 

Our Search Optimization Company

Running a business is hard work and takes many skills. We know, we have done it and do it. So we can appreciate the effort required to do everything that needs to be done on a daily basis. Some days a lot of people wonder if there really are 24 hours in a day, they can go by so quickly and be filled with so many unexpected occurrences.

Digital marketing is extremely important for any business that wants to grow. But, most businesses have little time or know how to market their business well. So it is critical to work with a skilled internet marketing company.

It is critical in today’s world to have a strong online presence that will attract the daily traffic searching for your products and services. When you need something and have to search for it what is the first thing you do? Google, Bing etc. internet search right? We use our expert SEO optimization to make sure that your website shows up in the top search results. 

That is our specialty, getting you found. We do this by:

Boss Up Digital Marketing Agency
Web Design SEO
Boss Up Consulting SEO

1. Making sure you have a website the “converts” and is mobile friendly website. This is also known as a responsive website. Having a pretty site that just looks good does not help a business grow. Having a site that creates new customer contacts is what is needed for growth.

2. Local maps in the search results are used heavily by people searching online. We make sure your site is in the local map pack and at the top. We do this with our expert SEO services.

3. It is important the business website is listed in as many places as possible online. This shows the search engines the site is trustworthy and legitimate. We make sure all these listings are the same and done properly. If they are not the search engines may not trust the site and reduce its rankings.

4. Running AdWords campaigns can be very profitable for some businesses. We know how to tailor pay per click, PPC, campaigns so you are not wasting money. We can use AdWords for seasonal trends and for other reasons. Please contact us to discuss how.

5. The site needs other sites linking to it. These are called backlinks. Without good ones, a site will only show up on pages 3 or 4 or worse. The vast majority of people don’t look past the first page. We know how to get sites moving up in the rankings and can show you firsthand our results in doing just that.

At the end of the day, the true measure of success is not rankings etc. but new customers contacting you. So that is what we focus on and use all the different tools and methods to increase those.

We can help train staff who answer phones and emails to become better at servicing clients and turning them into revenue. Often, some small changes to managing how to communicate on phone calls can create a significant increase in closed sales.

At the end of the day, the true measure of success is not rankings etc. but new customers contacting you. So that is what we focus on and use all the different tools and methods to increase those.

We can help train staff who answer phones and emails to become better at servicing clients and turning them into revenue. Often, some small changes to managing how to communicate on phone calls can create a significant increase in closed sales.

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